How To Live Your Best Life


1. Mind yo Business, and Grow your Edges Sis! 

  Starting your guide off with a treat, two for one! Ok, so this one is definitely the easiest one, no snooping, no gossiping, no creeping in comments or skipping from Facebook comment to Facebook page trying to get into private pages. Keep it cute and unproblematic! As a child this saying used to always keep me laughing and focused, read it and repeat: My name is Wes and I ain't in that Mess! Minding your own business is key to living your best life, it allows for growth and overall positivity.

  As far as growing your edges, here's some tips from a cosmetologist:

  • Use Human Braiding hair
  • No Straight Back Braids
  • No Adhesives on your hairline
  • Moisturize and Oil nightly 
  • Drink your water 

2. Don't Listen to the Haters

   To piggy back off of one, if we're minding our business and growing our edges, we don't have any time to even see the haters, let alone listen to them. By definition a hater is anyone who is a negative or critical person, who dislikes a person or thing. They're not hard to spot and should be avoided at all costs, they drain you of positive energy and introduce darkness into light. Baby boo, in this world take every opportunity to shine your light!

3. Drink Water and Don't Skip the Gym

   This one, is a challenge for us all, but has so many benefits. If we follow part one of this rule we're already growing our edges and if we follow part two we're creating a disciplined schedule that'll get us snatched! Like colas and juices? Start off by switching to water at just one meal, you'll notice immediately you begin to feel less bloated, and you'll still be able to quench your thirst. To start if you're just jumping into a healthy lifestyle of fitness try to challenge yourself with just 2 days a week at the gym, build from there and only set as much as you can handle without not going. The hardest part is getting up, so no matter what time or day you set make sure you commit. 

4. Invest in yourself

    Number 4 is paramount, whether you're in high school, college, newly married, somebodies mother and then some you have to invest in yourself. If you're together, and cared for your loved ones will benefit. Whether it's reading a book, taking a class that interest you, hitting the gym, or just going out for a spa day devote some time, energy, or efforts towards yourself. Trust me, you'll thank us later. 

5. Always Stay Gracious Best Revenge is your Paper 

   Beyonce said it best! Go get the bag ladies, when we're focused, determined, and committed #5 plays itself out. Lay low and build, no need to boast or brag, be courteous and kind to those who may have hurt or doubted you, in due time you'll shine in the face of those who have worked against you. 

 Take 1-5 ladies and live your best life! Leave us a comment below on what you would have told yourself 10 years ago to live your best life then.